Be part of developing real solutions to the health inequality gap. We will produce a position paper to develop better support for people with psychosis to live longer and healthier.

Psychosis Australia has gathered expert researchers, lived experience leaders and innovators in the physical health space for this one day event.  

Stephen Gerlach, Psychosis Australia Trust Chair

Symposium Convenor

Professor Alison Yung

President-Elect IEPA, Professor, Deakin University

Joining Psychosis Australia as table convenors in developing its position paper are

Adjunct Professor Dan Siskind, The University of Queensland

Michael Reid, Michael Reid & Associates

Claire Moore, Former Queensland Senator and current Mental Illness Fellowship Australia Chair

Associate Professor Julia Lappin, University of New South Wales

Tony Stevenson, CEO Mental Illness Fellowship Australia

Professor Russell Roberts, Charles Sturt University

Rob Ramjan, Psychosis Australia Trust 

Professor Vicki Palmer, The University of Melbourne

Dr Tatyana Rocks, Deakin University

Dr Cathy Andronis, Mental Health Australia Board Director