Success Factor 5: Tangible Progress Towards Prevention, Recovery, and Cure

  • Surf therapy as an intervention for youth with first episode psychosis, Dr Richard Whitehead , Dr Liza Hopkins, Dr. Michelle Kehoe , Prof Greg Murray, Swinburne University –$6,000.

  • Genetics informed drug repurposing opportunities in psychiatry, Dr. William Reay, Professor Murray Cairns, University of Newcastle – $40,000.

  • Understanding resilience to risk for schizophrenia in children, Researchers Anna Waterreus, Patsy Di Prinzio, and Professor Vera Morgan, University of Western Australia –$66,000.

  • Developing an objective measure of negative symptoms. Professor Alison Yung, Ms Johanna Bayer, Associate Prof Steve Moylan. Deakin University- $60,000.

  • Integrating neuroimaging with patient-based stem cell models to support precision medicine in schizophrenia, Dr. Maria Di Biase, Professor Alice Pébay, and Professor Christos Pantelis, University of Melbourne –$95,000.

  • The life-course pattern of environmental risk factors associated with adolescent onset psychosis. Dr Kirstie O’Hare, Dr Oliver Watkeys, Prof Kimberlie Dean, Prof Melissa Green, University of NSW. $100,000.

  • iMAPS-H (iMAgery focused psychological therapy for PSychosis – _Hallucinations): Evaluating the effectiveness of a novel psychological intervention for visual hallucinations,  Dr Georgie Paulik-White,  Prof Johanna Badcock, Dr Christopher Taylor, University of Western Australia – $39,500
Funding Priority Research