Success Factor 3: Improved quality of life

  • Combining metacognitive training and cognitive remediation for psychosis, Dr Ryan Balzan, Dr Oren Griffiths, Dr Michael Nance, Professor Cherrie Galletly, Flinders University–$44,000.

  • Reducing stigma by improving media reporting of mental illness in the context of crime and violence, Dr Amy Morgan, Ms Anna Ross, Dr Alexandra Wake, Prof Anthony Jorm, Prof Nicola Reavley, The University of Melbourne –$87,000.

  • Developing a powerful telehealth-based therapy for auditory hallucinations, Associate Professor Neil Thomas, Dr Imogen Bell, Dr Rachel Brand, Dr Louise Glenthoj, Dr Eleanor Longden, Swinburne University –$100,000

  • Using stem cells to repurpose drugs and improve response to lithium treatment, Dr. Bortolasci, Dr. Michael Berk, and Dr. Christian Walder, Deakin University –$100,000.
Funding Priority Research